About the Company

Ocean Consulting GmbH was founded as a partnership in 2004. The company is domiciled in Vienna and aims to provide services in the following areas:
Provision of Corporate Intelligence

We have a wide knowledge base from our various research activities of the past and entertain an ever increasing international network of business professionals in segments such as industry, finance, technology and banking. In this way we can provide companies and investors with intelligence needed to arrive at various decisions mainly to do with M&A and corporate finance initiatives. We are truly independent and have first hand experience in the type of information needed to drive important corporate processes.

Professional Board Members

Our team members have served as board members in private and public companies, in various European countries both in non-executive and executive positions, in early stage companies as well as mature companies.

Corporate Restructuring

Our team members have been involved in a number of corporate restructurings both in executive and non-executive board positions.

Communication with Institutional Investors

We entertain a network of investment professionals who manage both general and specialised investment vehicles with various investment themes in all the different investment stages. We can help in the whole communication process ranging from the first approach to the ongoing reporting.

Team members of Ocean Consulting GmbH have in the past:
Raised more than USD 500 million of institutional funds for companies ranging from start-ups to mature industrial groups in more than 50 individual transactions
Re-structured more than 10 companies primarily as board members
Participated in cross-border merger and acquisition activities for more than 10 companies
Defined capital markets strategies of numerous companies
Structured numerous block trades in companies with illiquid shares
Structured many venture capital investments for institutional investors
Served as board members in various companies and capacities
The aim of Ocean Consulting GmbH is to provide our clients with a uniquely varied combination of in-depth experience in various areas. We work with our clients to introduce the right strategic partners, to guide through important corporate processes and to provide professional resources.